Yandex.Market changes its Game

Russian business daily RBK reported that the leading Russian online search engine decided to change the rules for featuring products on its marketplace Yandex.Market. The new system gives preference to the products sold directly in Yandex’s store, which is currently the option of choice for approximately 20% of the suppliers present on the marketplace. Naturally, this is advantageous for Yandex, as the Russian online heavyweight earns a higher commission for products sold on its pages than for redirection to retailers’ sites. According to Yandex, it currently earns 5.38% of the total sales generated on its Yandex.Market platform.

Yandex will give preference to suppliers that agree to sell their products in its store, placing their offer at the top of respective search results. The new model will be introduced in phases, starting with Moscow and ending with distant regions by the end of 2017. At this point, it will affect 179 most popular product categories, including computers, home appliances, car accessories and baby program. Yandex.Market features approximately 2.000 product categories from 20.000 domestic and foreign Internet stores.

While Yandex believes that a single interface will contribute to customer loyalty, the new system will probably force some products with lower margins to leave its marketplace.


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