Russia Adds Salt to the Sanctions List

…but not just to hurt the biggest exporter of salt to Russia that happens to be Ukraine. 
Business daily Vedomosti reports that the Russian Government added salt to the list of banned imports, a countermeasure to the western sanctions introduced after Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014. Salt suppliers from the Ukraine, United States, European Union, Canada, Australia, Norway and some other countries can no longer export to the Russian Federation. The ban would seem like just another jab in Russia’s continuing exchange with the West if there wasn’t for a peculiar coincidence: at the end of July 2016, Russian General Prosecutor’s son Artem Chayka became the owner of the second largest Russian salt producer, Tiretsky Salt Plant.  
Russian Consumer Protection Service already banned salt imports to Russia from Ukrainian “Artemsol” in 2015 for alleged noncompliance with quality requirements. As a result, Tiretsky Salt Plant’s sales jumped by 42% to 1.3 billion rubles (USD 20 million).  
Russian Government’s Analytical Center warned that the food embargo has a negative effect on the competition in the market, leads to price increases and lower food quality. 

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