Russians Renounce Responsibility for the Country

Citing the Levada Center research institute, Kommersant reports that only a third of Russian citizens feel responsible for the developments in their country. However, a full 22% consider their responsibility to be insignificant. As many as 64% of the surveyed stated that they feel no responsibility for the fate of their land whatsoever.
Only 22% of the surveyed Russians believe that it is possible for them to influence the society they live in, while a full 73% feel that such a possibility doesn’t exist at all. Sense of control grows as the focus narrows: 42% of the surveyed feel they’re able to control the situation in their city or region.  The same percentage of Russians believe they have the situation at work under control.
In a separate survey, Russian Public Opinion Research Center VTsIOM found that only 26% of Russians believe that their country belongs to the group of major powers. A majority of the surveyed consider the welfare of citizens as the main characteristic of a major power. At the same time, a non-profit organization “Public Opinion” found that 48% of the surveyed citizens are interested in politics, a record-high figure since 2001. As many as 60% of Russians believe that their government is running a successful foreign policy.

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