Rusal to Supply Aluminum for the 3D Printing Market


Russian business daily Vedomosti reports that Rusal, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers, entered into an agreement with a German machine tools manufacturer DMG MORI to develop aluminum 3D printing technology.  Rusal will act as a supplier of aluminum powder to DMG MORI and its clients.

The cost of aluminum and its compounds used in 3D printing exceeds the cost of “standard” aluminum by a huge factor – a ton of aluminum costs approximately USD 1.600 on the world commodities market, while the aluminum powder used in 3D printing costs around USD 50,000 per ton.  However, the market for this type of commodity is in the early stages of development.  The global market for aluminum compounds used in 3D printing is estimated at around 150 tons.  Rusal intends to conquer up to 25% of the market and is currently negotiating with other potential buyers.


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