Russian Government’s foreign debt reduced to USD 49.8 billion

Relying on the data from the Russian Ministry of Finance, business daily RBK reported that the Russian Government’s foreign debt decreased by 1.9 percent since the beginning of 2013, to USD 49.8 billion. Government debt owed under the euro-denominated bonds was reduced by 1.8 percent, to USD 34.27 billion, while indebtedness to the international financial institutions decreased by 7.3 percent, to USD 1.88 billion. Another major item in the structure of Russia’s foreign debt are guarantees denominated in foreign currencies with a total outstanding value of USD 11.3 billion. According to the Russian Central Bank, Russia’s total foreign debt increased by 17.2 percent in 2012, to USD 631.78 billion.

In 2012, the Russian central government operated a budget of USD 418.03 billion, or approximately 21.2 percent of Russia’s GDP, with a zero deficit.


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